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What is a Freelancer?

- Who are you?
- I’m a fairy godmother!
- Why are you holding an ax?
- See, how little you know about fairy godmothers!

...As for freelancers, people know even less about them. So, what is a free-lancer? Freelancer designers are out-of-staff employees who work on projects as they come in.  

“Freelancer” is derived from “free-lance”. In the Middle Ages, this word was used to describe mercenary warriors who didn’t really care what the stir they were going to participate in was about. Their lance belonged solely to them and they fought on the side of the one who paid. One of their merits was their code of honor which didn’t allow them to change sides when more favorable terms were offered (at least until the military campaign’s end)...


Why won’t a Freelancer Agree to Become an Office Worker?

Only a lonely person can be free.
His mistakes and sins are falling on his own head only.

This statement reflects freelancers’ philosophy (read What is a Freelancer?). The power of freelancer developers lies in their independence. Remember, it’s almost impossible to make a freelancer work in an office. When a freelancer becomes an office worker, it gets unprofitable for the employer. No matter how much you like the work of a freelancer and need his/her knowledge and skills, it can be asserted that with a 99% probability in reply to your offer to join the staff and work for a fixed (though not bad) salary you’ll hear a number which is twice or thrice as much as your ideas of what a good salary for this position is. After your question “Why this much?” objective truth will follow, “I can make the money you offer during just one week, sitting at home and working for just four hours a day! And you want me to work eight hours a day in the back of beyond, plus daily pressure of the management and boring co-workers”.


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